What is an Automatic Watch?

At Voelen, we focus on mechanical, automatic movement watches.


So, what is an automatic watch?

An automatic watch is a mechanical watch with an internal mechanism that converts the wearer's movement into the energy needed to power the watch. Automatic watches are more complex and more expensive to produce.


How can you distinguish between an automatic watch and a cheaper quartz watch?

An easy way to spot the difference between automatic watches and quartz watches is to look at the movement of the second hand. A quartz watch's second hand will "tick," while the more expensive automatic watch's second hand will make a "sweeping" motion.


Why go with an automatic versus a quartz watch?


Automatic movement watches have a high level of craftsmanship and are used in luxury, high-end watches. The watch's size is thicker than a quartz watch (having to fit the complex automatic movement inside) and has more heft.

The complexity of the movements is usually exposed in the rear of the case (see the rear of the KLASSIEK) or through the front with skeleton dials. 



The first automatic watch was invented in 1773 by Joseph Tlustos. Since automatic watches do not have a battery (like a quartz watch), they can theoretically last forever.


Why did Voelen decide to focus on automatic watches?

We create watches that combine modern touches with classic, lasting design - a watch with heft and substance that can be passed down generations.

We believe that a watch is more than just a timepiece. A watch is a piece of art that evokes an emotion in the person wearing the watch and a person seeing the watch.

Fashion is an expression of the wearer, of how they feel at the moment and the story they want to tell. Are they rugged, refined, artistic, or playful? 

"Voelen" means "to feel" in Dutch. At Voelen, we strive to capture feeling through fashion and help you share your story.



Written by VOELEN Team

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